1. Importance of Sustainability to Adhesive Tape Industries

 According to Industry Week, over 12.7m tons of plastics are released by industries in the atmosphere annually. Plastic pollution has started to have harmful impacts on the environment. With the increasing use of plastics, many countries are shifting towards biodegradable plastic-which also takes years to decompose, yet they’re highly dependent on it. This trend highlights the need for industries to invest in green R&D for sustainability as well as effective and efficient recycling. Thus resulting in reuse of plastics by following a circular economy approach decreasing the amount of waste released in the atmosphere.

 Sustainability, in ecological terms, is to avoid the over usage of natural resources for environmental balance. Like every other growing industry, adhesive tape industries-a plastic industry, should follow sustainable practices rigorously for their growth and survival. According to adhesivesmag.com, plastic consuming companies like 3M, Tesa Tape and ShurTape Technologies LLC.are some of the companies which have achieved compliance certifications among others.

Being certified with ISO ACS 14001 Certification, ZIL is proud to be compliant with the ecological standards for a sustainable and greener earth. We, by following the United Nations SDG GOAL#12 of Responsible Consumption And Production, are trying to keep pace and comply with the changing environment of our ecosystem. With our non-toxic and fully recyclable products, we’re acquiring much better practices for sustainable growth.

 The importance of sustainability can be seen by the demands in other industries like the automobile industry for adhesive tapes and hence these plastic companies need to pace up with the modern needs for a better ecosystem to function accordingly.

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