1985 - RUA TESA(PVC)

Zakori Group kicked off as the brainchild of Mr. Habibullah Khan Zakori in his vision to make the country self reliant in business and manufacturing. Acquainted with the latest coating-line technology during his time in Germany, Mr. Zakori proceeded with the formidable task of setting up a unit called R.U.A Tesa, which started producing PVC electrical tapes in 1985. After cementing its status as the sole and leading manufacturers of adhesive products in the region early on, the company expanded into other product lines and acquired high-profile clients to build an ever-lasting brand.


1990 - ZIL

Zakori Industries (Pvt.) Limited was founded and it pursued the mission of constant innovation by diversifying its product portfolio. The company has been the trailblazer in opening up the region to new possibilities through its technological innovation and commitment.

1993 - Merger Year

The R.U.A TESA and ZIL were merged to form a bigger unit. As the Nation’s prime manufacturer, converter and supplier of world class adhesive products, ZIL has a wide network of marketers and distributors and will continue to lead the market with premium quality and attractive costs.


1996 - BOPP Packaging Tapes

ZIL started introducing unrivalled, unparalleled BOPP packaging tapes in the region made of double direction bopp film backing with modified acrylic adhesive and acrylic emulsion manufactured in different colors and sizes customized according to the customer’s needs.


1999 - Stationary Tapes

This year started with the manufacturing of Water Base BOPP Tapes commonly called Stationery Tapes. It is a widely used product and is manufactured in regular sizes. They’re distributed all across Pakistan.

2006 - Masking Tape

Being the first and leading manufacturer of Adhesive products in the entire region, ZIL expanded its product line and started manufacturing Masking Tapes, ensuring quality, convenience and ease of use. They are known for their strength, durability and competitive prices.


2020 - Certifications

Maintaining excellence and building on the industry's credibility, ZIL was certified by the International Organization for Standardization with ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and the Halal certification.

2021 - Duct Tape

With new beginnings comes new opportunities. ZIL introduced Duct Tape this year to expand the product line and to bring about diverse market innovations and customer centric products.