9. Misconceptions about Adhesive Tapes

When it comes to adhesive tapes, the kind of tape that you use is much more essential than the price incurred in it. The wrong choice of tape won’t only cost you more bills but would disrupt your day-to-day operations. Thus, the identification of the right adhesive tape for the right job is essential. Let us help you identify and select the right type for the right applications. With the utilization of the right tape, not only can a company cut down on its waste materials, but it could further reduce material costs.

If you find yourself stumbling upon this blog, chances are that you might be looking for an adhesive tape for your daily life processes. Let us put an end to some of your misconceptions about adhesive tapes:

  •         Stickiness of the tape does not evaluate its adhesive performance: Tapes are of different types, and they stick to numerous surfaces and work distinctly. It is not necessary that the better adhesion and adhesive tape has, the better it will perform.
  •         Tape always leaves Residue: Not all adhesive tapes leave residue. The residue often results from using the wrong type of tape for a particular surface or when it is left on a surface for a longer period of time.
  •         Tape can’t withstand Extreme conditions: Many people are of the view that adhesive tapes cannot withstand extreme temperature and weather conditions. But there are certain tapes that are especially designed for extreme weather conditions like duct tape, and our premium Ziloban hybrid tape.
  •         Tape weakens over time: This is not necessarily true. This entirely depends upon their application and durability. Some adhesive tapes are designed for long-term resilience, and they can maintain its hold for longer periods of time.
  •         Tapes can’t hold strong objects: Tapes formulated specifically for industrial purposes have the strength to withstand significant weight and some are even designed for heavy duty activities.
  •         Temporary Fixes: Tapes are not only utilized for temporary fixes, but adhesive tapes are now designed that are used for electrical installations thus providing permanent solutions.

Thus, the common misconceptions about adhesive tapes arise due to lack of awareness about tape products and their specific utilization in the concerned market. All the adhesive tapes are formulated keeping their purpose in mind. The effectiveness of an adhesive tape can be achieved when the right tape is being utilized for the right job.

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