14. Role of Adhesive Tapes in Packaging Solutions

Packaging is indispensable in the modern world. The continuous expansion of  e-commerce and food delivery businesses has resulted in an enhanced demand for packaging. It is a dynamic sector where efficiency, presentation and security are superior. Among the main contributors of this sector, the tape manufacturing industry stands out as the most prominent contributor that ensures seamless and effective packaging of products across various industries.

As researchers quote, “Tape serves as the silent guardians of packaged goods”. The primary function of tapes is to secure and seal the product packages and to protect the contents during transit. One of the essential aspects of tape manufacturing lies in its ability to cater to diverse packaging needs. Various types of tapes are now being designed to address challenges faced in the packaging industry. 

In the dynamic packaging world, packaging designs are undergoing makeover day by day, as the industry is adopting various innovative approaches in order to improve their green credentials. This is where adhesive tapes come in handy, adhesive tapes because of their flexibility and enhanced functional nature can support the rapidly evolving sustainability requirements of the packaging industry. 

Here are some major roles that adhesive tapes play in packaging sector:
  • For Packaging and Sealing: Adhesives tapes are used to seal cardboard boxes, for packaging materials and for packages. Proper and secured sealing of these packages ensure that no products would be damaged during transportation and storage. Adhesive tapes prevent the products from meddling thereby adding to the product’s safety. It also seals off the products from moisture, dust, and different external factors.

  • Printing Tapes:  Printing tapes are used extensively for corporate branding. Using customized printing tapes enhances brand exposure. Printing tapes can be utilized further for labeling warnings like ‘Fragile’ indicating that the carton might include material that is easily crushable and more caution should be given to it while traveling.  

  • Cold Chain Packaging: For the pharmaceutical and food industry, special kinds of adhesive tapes are designed to provide insulated packaging to the products. Here the adhesive tapes are utilized to protect products from ambient temperatures. Thus, adhesive tapes enable food and pharmaceutical industries to transport products in order to avoid bacterial growth and spoilage. 
For successful packaging, correct tape should be chosen else the wrong tape will unlikely be able to deliver your package in one piece. Pick the right taping solution for your packaging problems (The Right Tape For The Right Job) and see how the risk of damaged returns deteriorates.

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